Leverage Your GovCon Certifications:
Capitalizing on Contract Opportunities Under A New Administration

PVBS was joined by Lisa Anderson, CEO of Anavo, to discuss strategies to leverage Government Contracting certifications such as 8(a), WOSB, EDWOSB, HubZone, and SDVOB. With the changing of power and a shift in Administration, the Government Contracting climate is preparing for more changes. Companies must be creative and build intentional strategies to gain contract opportunities as Agencies make an overall shift in leadership.

Looking back on previous administrations, Ms. Anderson talked about how changes can be identified and analyzed. For example, by reviewing the GDP and unemployment, CBO “projects that economic activity will expand at a solid pace this year and next, lowering the unemployment rate and putting upward pressure on inflation and interest rates.”

One of the aspects of the new administration that will affect Government Contractors is the Federal freeze on hiring for many agencies and how those agencies will modify the acquisition of their workforce. There is also opportunities available as the new administration searches for ways to dismantle and replace the Affordable Care Act implemented by the previous administration. Ms. Anderson sees this as creating a shift from insourcing to outsourcing.

To leverage their certifications, Ms. Anderson advises that networking will be an important aspect of growth as there is an Increase in small business consortiums, teams and partnerships. Working together with a Prime allows smaller companies to find new markets while giving the Prime needed fulfillment on Federal regulations. However, Ms. Anderson stressed that companies should focus on their mission and not be driven in a different direction to appease the Prime.

There are several other steps in Ms. Anderson’s advice for leveraging your Government Contracting certifications, and you can learn more by download the full webinar below.