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Government Contracting: How Different Can it Be?

By SBS Group, PVBS Partner This guest blog entry is from PVBS industry technology partner SBS Group. Opportunities abound in the government sector and with the potential volume of business available, companies that have had success in commercial markets have made the leap into the world of government contracting. If you are considering doing business [...]

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Can Better Project Manager Reporting Help Government Contractors Achieve More Profits?

By Paul Skurpski, PVBS Vice President of Sales and Marketing More profits are achievable for government contractors who invest in modern ERP solutions. First let's take a look at how improved reporting can lead to richer profits. We recently completed a series of webinars where we addressed how government contractors can become more profitable. Improving [...]

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Finally, An ERP System to Support Both Large Commercial and Government Contracting Business Lines is Available

By Bernard Mustafa, PVBS Chief Executive Officer Large commercial companies with substantial government contracting operations now have an ERP solution that can handle both business lines. I recently blogged about how home office allocations are covered in CAS (Cost Accounting Standards) 403 – Allocation of Home Office Expenses to Segments and why commercial enterprises with [...]

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Reducing Home Office Allocation Pain for Companies with Big Government Contracting Businesses

By Bernard Mustafa, PVBS Chief Executive Officer By using a compliant enterprise ERP solution designed to handle corporate and government contracting business, the efficiencies and possibilities are endless. When large commercial entities have significant Federal Government business operations, it seems like the tail is always wagging the dog. The government contracting division always has tougher [...]

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