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July NAV web demo

Product Demonstration Webinar Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors An ERP solution for government contractors needs to support DCAA, FAR, and CAS compliance, but it also needs to offer features that help the company achieve greater efficiencies, generate the right reports, and get the right information to allow businesses to make smarter decisions. Microsoft and [...]

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How to Get Unstuck on Manual…Cost Accounting Processes

By Paul Skurpski, PVBS Vice President of Sales & Marketing In my previous blog, I discussed why government contractors get stuck on manual...cost accounting processes. In this blog, we'll discuss how they can get out of that manual trap. There are two reasons why we see so many government contractors get stuck in the manual [...]

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Do You Know the Costs of Not Being DCAA Compliant?

By Paul Skurpski, PVBS Vice President of Sales & Marketing So what are the real costs of not being DCAA compliant? As I've addressed in previous blogs, not having a compliant cost accounting solution in place can restrict companies from pursuing work with the government. Government contractors can be penalized with payment claims withholdings that [...]

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