Plain and Simple

By Bernard Mustafa, PVBS Chief Executive Officer Plain and Simple, Your ERP System Should Improve Your Incurred Cost Submission Process In my last blog, I wrote about the challenges large commercial enterprises with substantial government contracting divisions face when preparing their incurred cost submissions. I discussed that not only is the process challenging and time [...]

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Reducing Home Office Allocation Pain for Companies with Big Government Contracting Businesses

By Bernard Mustafa, PVBS Chief Executive Officer By using a compliant enterprise ERP solution designed to handle corporate and government contracting business, the efficiencies and possibilities are endless. When large commercial entities have significant Federal Government business operations, it seems like the tail is always wagging the dog. The government contracting division always has tougher [...]

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How to Get Unstuck on Manual…Cost Accounting Processes

By Paul Skurpski, PVBS Vice President of Sales & Marketing In my previous blog, I discussed why government contractors get stuck on manual...cost accounting processes. In this blog, we'll discuss how they can get out of that manual trap. There are two reasons why we see so many government contractors get stuck in the manual [...]

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