The Dixon Hughes Goodman Government Contracting Services Group is active in government contracting associations and proactive with the effects of policies on local and national levels, providing relevant and current communications to our clients. On this webinar, Bill Walter addressed key issues government contractors need to know about incurred cost submissions and how to ensure compliancy.

Government contractors are preparing for the annual exercise of preparing their incurred cost submissions by June 30. On this webinar, Dixon Hughes Goodman Partner Bill Walter, one of the leading experts on government contractor accounting requirements, presented a concise and powerful update on electronic Incurred Cost Submissions (ICE) and what government contractors need to know about the Defense Contract Audit Agency’s ICE audit strategy (DCAA).

Bill discussed how the DCAA is now actively engaging in incurred cost audits and provided an update on accounting requirements such as the rules for allowability and allocability for audit and supporting data requirements and how this may impact how you prepare your supporting schedules. He also discussed some examples of how DCAA and DCMA are evaluating indirect rate structures used by contractors in proposals and as a part of the ICE submission.

After watching this webinar, you will be more prepared to manage the complex DCAA audit process and powerfully manage your electronic incurred cost submission proposals due in the next few months.