A 2014 study found that out of 1,000 organizations, 84% were infected with malware and most had at least one bot in network. However, few were aware of the situation. Understanding the Cyber Threat is critical to preparing your defenses prior to attack and also instrumental in mounting a defense during attack. This webinar explores the threat and the role of the emerging discipline of Cyber Intelligence as a way of making threat information actionable in support of your business objectives.

Join noted cybersecurity practitioner and author, Bob Gourley, as he presents an update on the cyber threat to defense integrators, bringing lessons from current operations and history to provide actionable recommendations for our collective defense.

Feature Presenter: Mr. Bob Gourley is a former government CTO and former leader of intelligence support to cyber defense for the DoD. Mr. Gourley is a founding member of the board of directors of the Cyber Conflict Studies Association, a non-profit group focused on enhancing the study of cyber conflict at leading academic institutions and furthering the ability of the nation to understand the complex dynamics of conflict in cyberspace. Mr. Gourley also serves on public boards and advisory boards for a number of companies and is also on the Cyber Committee of INSA. Mr. Gourley is also on several government advisory boards.