High-level competition creates some of the most difficult of all bidding dilemmas. When it comes to winning federal contracts in today’s hyper-competitive markets, business as usual will no longer cut it. While some strategies will improve a company’s chances of success, some can pack a bigger punch than others. Effective bid management is a means to successfully and systematically coordinate company submissions, to lead to the best possible bid. You can learn from each bid to streamline your bidding next time around, so that on each occasion you are better prepared and not doing everything from scratch.

Learn more about how to be an effective bidder in this dynamic, high-stakes market space.

Feature Presenter: Rob Rosenberger, Congressional Fellow with US House of Representatives and former COO of a mid-sized defense firm providing technical solutions supporting defense and federal civilian agencies. Mr. Rosenberger has 20+ years of unique leadership experience spanning DoD, DHS, DoT and the US Intelligence Community.