inancing a Government Contracting company can have its ups and downs. One good contract can bring in equally good capital, but the periods in-between can force companies to cut corners at their own peril. It’s feast or famine. Join PVBS and Republic Capital Access (RCA) as we explore options and solutions for government contractors in a myriad of situations; start-up government contractors, joint ventures, rapid growth, and payroll financing for contract ramp up. Keeping cash flowing is what keeps companies in business. But what do you do when the river runs dry? Learn how to manage your finances and better evaluate financing partners.

Featured Presenter: Matt Stavish is a Vice President at Republic Capital Access, providing innovative financing solutions for government contractors. RCA was formed by seasoned executives experienced with government contracting, several of whom served in senior executive branch positions. Matt holds a MBA in Finance and Innovation Entrepreneurship from the Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim School of Business. Visit RCA’s website for more information: