The Shutdown of 2013 was not easy on government contractors, and contractors are still trying to figure out how to get compensated for time and services during the weeks the Government was shut down. As we emerge from the Shutdown, one thing is crystal clear though – the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) is still challenged with issues from years ago which may cause hardships for government contractors.

Two experts from our friends in the Dixon Hughes Goodman Government Contractor Practice, Bill Walter and Mark Burroughs, are joining us on October 29 to discuss some of the topics that government contractors need to be alert to concerning the DCAA, such as Adequate Documentation of Business Decisions, Record Retention Policies, and Statute of Limitations considerations. You may remember Bill participated in our March 2012 webinar “ What You Need to Know Now about Incurred Cost Submissions.

We invite you to download this webinar which was held on Tuesday, October 29.