By Paul Skurpski, PVBS Vice President of Sales & Marketing

paul skurpski

Many government contractors are making decisions about acquiring a new ERP solution before the end of the year. If you’re considering purchasing Deltek GCS Premier (Deltek First Essentials) before the end of 2013, you may want to take a second to consider Microsoft NAV for Government Contractors for the following reasons.

First, Microsoft has a 50% savings incentive in play through December 24, 2013. A number of our customers have taken advantage of this incentive. Email me and I’ll share the details with you.

Second, a large number of growing government contractors have made the switch to Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors this past year for the following reasons:

    • Affordability: flexible licensing model and unlimited time and expense users
    • Ease of use and high adaptability due to the familiar Microsoft look and feel
    • Scalability: our customers won’t have to go through another complex and costly migration as they grow
    • Superior reporting and analytics will provide you more insight on project performance and profitability

    Hosting options are also available