WASHINGTON, D.C., June 29, 2009 – Tatum, LLC, the nation’s largest executive services firm, today announced a new relationship with Pleasant Valley Business Solutions (PVBS), Microsoft’s leading provider of financial management software solutions for government contractors, to deliver a combination of software services and financial leadership consulting surrounding the Office of the CFO.

Through this alliance, Tatum and PVBS have developed a Government Contract Services solution tailored for high-growth government contractors that combines superior financial management software with the leadership expertise to integrate the systems into an organization’s overall business strategy. Tatum is the nation’s largest executive services firm focused solely on the needs of the Office of the CFO, while PVBS is Microsoft’s most successful solution provider to the government contractor marketplace. Government contractors who will benefit from this relationship include those who are transforming from a product sales business model and now offer a mix of professional services as well.

“The finance function has taken a lead role in the way organizations do business, making it more apparent to executives that strong leadership must co-exist with strong technology platforms to meet the growing demands of government contractors,” said Peter A. S. Pfeiffer, managing partner of Tatum’s Mid-Atlantic practice. “The Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution from PVBS is recognized around the world, and Tatum’s financial and technology leaders bring the business expertise to ensure a successful integration with the overall business strategy.”

“Companies that sell products and offer services to the government have been hampered by having to use multiple business software applications to support both business lines, which leads to inefficiencies, redundant processes and potential compliance issues. Our Dynamics NAV offering solves this problem,” said Bernard Mustafa, president and CEO of PVBS. “Our alliance with Tatum will help clients discover and solve problems that go beyond systems integration and tackle the challenges that occur when people, processes and system changes begin to affect business strategy.”

Several organizations have benefitted from the Tatum alliance with PVBS, among them a not-for-profit government contractor that completed a merger two years ago, and continues to use a combination of Tatum and PVBS services.
“Tatum has the financial leadership and project management expertise to help organizations transform their business processes, and the Microsoft solution from PVBS, in my opinion, was instrumental in helping us ensure the success of our merger and supporting our rapid growth,” said Steve Bohlen, CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.

About Tatum, LLC Companies turn to Tatum when critical business challenges arise because we immediately deliver financial and technology operational expertise via solutions tailored to the Office of the CFO. We leverage nearly 1,000 executives and consulting professionals nationwide to accelerate results and create more valueä. For confidential inquiries, contact Tatum via email at CFOAdvisors@TatumLLC.com.

About Pleasant Valley Business Solutions (PVBS)

Pleasant Valley Business Solutions (PVBS), a “Microsoft Business Solutions President’s Club Member 2007,” offers the Microsoft alternative for government contractor ERP, financial management and project accounting. Microsoft offers a better project accounting and financial management solution than what’s been available in the past to high-growth government contractors. Only PVBS offers a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution that was created specifically for high-growth government contractors, to help these companies better manage and maximize their Federal Government business. PVBS is based in Reston, VA. Visit PVBS at www.pvbs.net.

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