Microsoft Teams with PVBS to Show Product Distribution Capabilities of Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors at April 22 Seminar in Reston

Reston, VA (May 1, 2008) – Pleasant Valley Business Solutions (PVBS), Microsoft’s leading provider of government contractor ERP, financial management and project accounting solutions, announced that it held a seminar on April 22 to demonstrate how its Dynamics NAV solution meets the needs of companies that sell products AND provide services to the Federal Government.  Many of PVBS’ customers are companies that provide engineering, IT, scientific and development services to the Federal Government and need to ensure DCAA compliancy. However over the past few years, the company has added many hybrid companies to its roster of clients that sell a wide-range of products and offer varied services to the government.

Bernard Mustafa, CEO and President at PVBS said, “Too many government contractors have been operating multiple systems to manage their product distribution and professional services business lines. They want one integrated solution to support both product and service sales and because their customer is the Federal Government, they must have a solution that handles all of the challenges that selling to the Government requires. Microsoft Dynamics NAV from PVBS is the only solution on the market that has a deep feature set to handle both business lines.”

The capabilities that Microsoft Dynamics for Government Contractors from PVBS has for companies that provide services to the Federal Government have been well established in the market place. PVBS has distinguished itself as the leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics project accounting and financial management solutions to government contractors. The company has recently distinguished itself as a solution provider for companies that sell products. Reasons for this include:

  • Improving operational efficiencies: Dynamics NAV automates the manual effort of the sales quote to order process and the integration with the purchasing workflow for drop shipment orders on BOTH sides of the equation: vendor (purchasing) and customer (selling).
  • Ability to provide rich analytical dashboard to measure business performance: With built-in analytics, executives can easily access critical information such as revenue, profit and gross profit percent across various measures, such as by customer, sales rep, contract vehicle or by vendor.
  • One integrated solution: Everything a government contractor needs to manage their product sales AND service business lines are included in one solution. This is a huge advantage for companies that have been maintaining separate solutions for both revenue channels.
  • Integration with other systems and partners: Dynamics NAV provides E-commerce and integration capabilities, with vendors in the supply chain and customers to drive revenue opportunities and operational efficiencies.
  • Search capabilities: The relational database back end of Dynamics NAV makes it easy for operators to search quickly for critical information, such as a client’s past purchase history including who purchased, when they purchased, and what they purchased.
  • Smart marketing: Dynamics NAV has built in CRM capabilities. Companies can utilize  past purchase history to communicate with clients about appropriate up selling opportunities.

iGov (McLean, VA) is a management and technical services firm that specializes in helping federal agencies with their IT programs.  Established in 1996, iGov is an example of the rare government reseller that has shifted its business model from pure product sales to the services model. Today, the company offers numerous sophisticated services to its public sector customers. However, since it still offers many IT products to help round out its service offerings, it had a specific requirement for a financial management solution that covered both business lines. iGov has been a Dynamics NAV user for many years and recently started taking advantage of the government contractor functionality PVBS offers in Dynamics NAV.

Rich Marksberry, CFO at iGov, a provider of IT products and services to the Federal Government, said, “Dynamics NAV from PVBS is a great solution for companies like ours that have substantial services practices but also need to efficiently manage its product business to support Federal Government customers.  It’s been a huge benefit to iGov to be able to manage our product sales and IT services business lines in one solution with the flexibility of Dynamics NAV, and the extensions PVBS has provided for meeting government contractor requirements.”

Another Dynamics NAV user, The McConnell Group, (Rockville, MD) is a health sciences company that provides a comprehensive selection of professional and technical services and products. The company provides support to organizations requiring specialized animal husbandry services, laboratory animal sciences, environmental, pre-clinical development, facility management, veterinary and surgical support, research and technical support.  The company also distributes over 1 million products from top manufacturers and distributors such as VWR, Fisher Scientific, Medline, and Welch Allyn. The company chose Dynamics NAV from PVBS to support its products and services businesses.

Steve Reedy, Controller at the McConnell Group, said, “Product distribution is a very large part of our business, in addition to our government services, so we wanted a single solution to manage everything in both businesses. Dynamics NAV offers a tremendous feature set with exceptional reporting and systems integration that we didn’t find in any other solution we reviewed.”

PVBS will be demonstrating these capabilities at a seminar at the Reston Technology Center in Reston on April 22 in partnership with Microsoft and Diamond Mind. PVBS will demonstrate how some of the top Value Added Resellers to the Federal Government are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV to improve operational performance and monitor key business metrics. Diamond Mind will also help VARs get quickly up-to-speed on new government procurement initiatives including SmartPay2, which starts December 1, 2008. Click here to register for the seminar.

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