Force 3 Says Microsoft Dynamics NAV from PVBS is the Only Solution Available for Managing Sales and Service Business Lines in One Financial Management Offering

Reston, VA (November 4, 2008) – Pleasant Valley Business Solutions (PVBS), Microsoft’s leading provider of government contractor ERP, financial management and project accounting solutions, announced that fast growing government information technology (IT) products and services supplier Force 3 (Crofton, MD) will deploy the Microsoft Dynamics NAV financial management solution that it offers.  Force 3 had been seeking a solution that satisfied both its sales and services business models without needing to purchase multiple applications to run each business line. The company found that Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors from PVBS is the ideal solution for companies that sell products and offer services to the Federal Government.

Force 3 is a leading information technology provider specializing in security, unified communications, mobility, and data center virtualization solutions and is one of Cisco’s top five federal Gold Partners in America. Among its achievements, Force 3 has successfully designed or upgraded the networks of more than 150 Military medical treatment facilities worldwide and was named the Cisco Federal Security Partner of the Year in 2006 and 2007.

Force 3 needed a project accounting solution that would scale along with their dramatic growth while meeting DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) compliance needs for their services business.  Force 3 was looking for a single solution that would handle all of its sales operations as well as its project accounting requirements for its Federal services business line. Fast-growing suppliers to the Federal Government have found that Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps companies that sell products and offer professional services to the Federal Government better manage all aspects of their business. Force 3 had considered solutions from other leading vendors before choosing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV offering.

Debbie Carr, Force 3 Senior Vice President of Accounting said, “After researching several options, we found that, Microsoft Dynamics NAV from PVBS would uniquely help us manage our product sales and services business lines in one financial management solution. It also met our project accounting requirements, which means our internal efficiency will significantly improve, which is critical when serving this competitive and cost-conscious market.”

“We have been servicing the Federal Government since 1991 and this is the first comprehensive, scalable product offering that met our operational and budget objectives and does everything a government solutions provider needs,” said Carr. “We know that by implementing this solution we will have an edge over our many competitors by increasing efficiency and better serving our customers. PVBS did an excellent job demonstrating how well the solution would help us achieve our goals.”

Bernard Mustafa, CEO and President at PVBS said, “Force 3 discovered that Dynamics NAV would easily be able to support its remarkable growth and could meet its requirements to manage product sales and professional services from within one application. They are one of the fastest growing brands in the government solutions provider ranks and required a solution that they could use for a long time to come.”

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Meets Force 3’s Challenges

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is feature rich and full of capabilities that Force 3 requires. Of particular interest was how well the solution supported the product sales and project accounting functions in one well-integrated application. Force 3 had been using multiple systems to operate its products and services business, which led to many undesired manual processes, such as duplicate data entry. Microsoft Dynamics NAV eliminated multiple entries and automated work that previously had to be performed manually. Other reasons why Force 3 chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV from PVBS are:

Improving operational efficiencies: Microsoft Dynamics NAV automates the manual effort of the sales quote to order process and the integration with the purchasing workflow for drop shipment orders on both sides of the equation: vendor (purchasing) and customer (selling). The entire vendor management process is integrated within the solution and is designed to ensure a smooth process from order processing to invoicing to payment resolution.  Force 3 liked that the solution manages contract information and ties the purchase and sales order together so there are no future consolidation issues.

Rich analytical dashboard to measure business performance: With built-in analytics, Force 3 executives can easily access critical information such as revenue, profit and gross profit percent across various measures, such as by customer, sales rep, contract vehicle or by vendor.

One integrated solution: Everything Force 3 needs to manage their product sales and service business lines are now included in one solution.  This saves them time and money as it relates to maintenance, updates, and integration.

External integration with other systems and partners: Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides e-commerce and integration capabilities, with vendors in the supply chain and customers to drive revenue opportunities and operational efficiencies. This ease of integration will help Force 3 tie other systems it may be using, such as CRM and project management, or integrating data such as pricing data or electronically placing sales or purchase orders.

Search capabilities: The Microsoft Dynamics NAV relational database back end makes it easy to search quickly for critical information, such as a client’s past purchase history including who purchased, when they purchased, and what they purchased. Force 3 has many long term relationships and being able to better understand historical buying patterns will help improve customer satisfaction.

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