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Government Contractors that need to manage inventory as part of their of their business model are often left to use multiple systems to support the entirety of their business needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one solution to support all aspects of your business?

Manufacturing resource planning (MRP) is defined as a way for the operational planning of all resources of a manufacturing company. MRP in Dynamics NAV refers to the calculation of the master production schedule and material requirements based on actual and forecasted demand. The Dynamics NAV planning system can calculate either Master Planning Schedule (MPS) or Material Requirements Planning (MRP) on request, or it can calculate both at the same time.

  • MPS is the calculation of a master production schedule based on actual demand and the production forecast. The MPS calculation is used for end items that have a forecast or a sales order line. These items are called MPS items and are identified dynamically when the calculation starts.
  • MRP is the calculation of material requirements based on actual demand for components and the production forecast on the component level. MRP is calculated only for items that are not MPS items. The purpose of MRP is to provide time-phased formal plans, by item, to supply the appropriate item, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate location, in the appropriate quantity.

The planning algorithms used for both MPS and MRP are identical. The planning algorithms pertain to netting, reuse of existing replenishment orders, and action messages. The planning system process examines what is needed or will be needed (demand) and what is on-hand or expected (supply). When these quantities are netted against each other, Dynamics NAV provides action messages. Action messages are suggestions to create a new order, change an order (quantity or date), or cancel an order already on order.

NAV has the ability to run MRP for individual Contract or Task Orders, it can also be completed across the company as whole.

NAV has the ability to establish multiple product forecast, both at the top level and at the raw material level. The MRP will compute using the forecast information along with available inventory on hand quantities.

NAV has the capability of establishing Min/Max inventory levels along with minimum order quantities. MRP will utilize this information when it is sends back the suggest buy and make suggestions.   These setting can be done at the product level or product and contract combination levels.

NAV has the capability of calculating expected cost based on using a simulate production order. This will allow the client to set accurate prices to their customer.

  • A fully-compliant solution with all of the features and capabilities government contractors need to maximize their contract performance and win more

  • Drill into contract detail in order to help make key decisions that would reflect contract optimization
  • Access transaction level data easier in order to identify trends and make business decisions with more supporting data
  • Drill down capability allows access of information that is more difficult to get to in older systems, if possible at all
  • Database structure that provides powerful and efficient reporting
  • Complete migration services to ensure that you will be up and running without delay
  • An extremely flexible system with enormous capability designed specifically for companies that continue to win government contracts
  • A solution that takes advantage of the innate ease of use of the Microsoft Windows/Office look and feel

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors is the only solution on the market to turn data into useable information to be able to make midcourse corrections as needed.