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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise is Microsoft’s premier ERP solution for large companies that provide services to the Federal Government. It’s also a great fit for companies that have large commercial operations and need a government-compliant solution to satisfy their government business cost accounting requirements. Companies that do business with the government have historically been laden by antiquated software that cannot service companies in today’s environment. With Dynamics 365 Enterprise, that has completely changed.

DCAA records significant timekeeping deficiencies during an audit and any indications of discrepancies will result in expanded audits while timekeeping fraud will lead to criminal investigations.

Project accounting tracks all of the financial components of a project such as budgets, estimates, costs, bookings, billing and everything in between, so you know if your project is on budget, on time and if it’s profitable.

Payroll provides gross-to-net processing and maintains all payroll records and transactions. The comprehensive earnings and pay statement process covers federal, state, and local taxes, flexible deduction and benefits processing, and support for garnishments and tax levies.

A comparison of the earned value with your actual costs results in the cost variance that gives you an indication of whether your project is above or below budget.

In addition, there is deep Microsoft Excel, Office 365, SharePoint and Web integration, which gives our clients access to their data from virtually any device. Executives, Project Managers, Finance & Accounting, and other business users get real time visibility into reports, analytics and dashboards that are needed to manage projects into profitability.

We know government contracting can have periods of growth and decline, so PVBS offers cost effective licensing that aligns with customers’ growth milestones more easily. While Microsoft provides software that fits your business needs for today and into the future, PVBS licensing model allow you to deploy functionality on your terms – as you are ready.




PVBS is an Elite Member of Microsoft Partner Advisory Councils (PAC) and Technology Adoption Program (TAP): PVBS is one of 12 NAV partners (out of 4,000+) that participates in Microsoft’s PAC and TAP Programs. When a new release of NAV is in beta testing, one or more of PVBS’ government contractor customers will be included. This opens the door for PVBS’ customers to provide feedback to Microsoft and affect the final solution.

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