Pleasant Valley Business Solutions (PVBS) is proud to support the mission of our government contractor clients by bringing to market the premier Microsoft ERP and financial management solution for companies that do business with the Government.


PVBS is recognized as the premier and leading Microsoft partner for government contractors. We have a singular focus on the needs of companies servicing the Government and are pleased to have introduced hundreds of government contractors to Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors.

From our headquarters just outside of the Nation’s Capital, and with customers around the globe, we focus our marketing, product development and solutions on companies that provide services, sell products, or provide project manufacturing to the Government. Many of our customers do a combination of the above.

Our roots go deep into this vertical market. Many of our employees have either worked for government contractors or have provided services to this market. Our employees are leaders at various government contractor trade associations and we have strong and valuable relationships with many companies in the market, such as accounting firms, law firms, insurance agencies, and consulting companies.

We provide an ERP and financial management solution helps our clients support the requirements of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) while giving them access to information that will help them optimize contract utilization. Only PVBS offers a Microsoft solution that was created specifically for growing government contractors, to help these companies better manage and optimize their business and government contracts.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for
Government Contractors

For years, high-growth government contractors have been looking for an alternative to the legacy project accounting and financial management products that they had been using. Most of these solutions were cumbersome, hard to navigate, and not at all integrated with the Microsoft technology they required. They required bolt on programs to do even the simplest automated process, such as produce reports. Many contractors had looked to Microsoft for a solution for this specific market that has very broad and very unique requirements.

It was not until PVBS brought Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors to the market that contractors finally had a full-blown, completely functional and integrated solution to meet their project accounting and financial management needs. A key reason that high-growth government contractors have readily adopted the PVBS solution is because it was designed for accounting professionals and program managers. PVBS built the system for leaders at the top government contractors who needed to ensure that their program managers were as effective as possible, with more fluid reporting capabilities and real-time access to data. This solution not only satisfies DCAA requirements and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) but also provides critical management information for strategic decision making.

For too long, government contractors have been saddled with non-intuitive solutions that caused inefficiencies and high training and consulting costs. Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors has the same look as all Microsoft applications, which reduces overall training and operations costs.