Government Contractors Must Get Leaner

By Paul Skurpski, PVBS Vice President of Sales and Marketing Government Contractors Need to Ask, “Am I Lean Enough or Do I Need to Get Leaner?” And if you need to ask, you can probably get leaner. In a webinar series we recently completed on government contractor profitability, another major theme that emerged was how [...]

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How to Bid Smarter with One Truth of Information Reporting

By Paul Skurpski, PVBS Vice President of Sales and Marketing One Truth of Information Reporting is particularly important in getting the right information to executives who have become used to receiving data in real-time and visually. I recently blogged about real-time reporting being critical in giving your team access to the information they need to [...]

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How to Ensure DCAA Compliance When You Have Multiple Government Divisions

By Bernard Mustafa, PVBS Chief Executive Officer How the DCAA treats large commercial enterprises that have a significant government contracting business is something that needs addressing. In previous blogs, I’ve discussed why it makes sense for large commercial enterprises with substantial government contracting operations to move to one corporate-wide ERP solution that meets everyone in [...]

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Can Better Project Manager Reporting Help Government Contractors Achieve More Profits?

By Paul Skurpski, PVBS Vice President of Sales and Marketing More profits are achievable for government contractors who invest in modern ERP solutions. First let's take a look at how improved reporting can lead to richer profits. We recently completed a series of webinars where we addressed how government contractors can become more profitable. Improving [...]

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Finally, An ERP System to Support Both Large Commercial and Government Contracting Business Lines is Available

By Bernard Mustafa, PVBS Chief Executive Officer Large commercial companies with substantial government contracting operations now have an ERP solution that can handle both business lines. I recently blogged about how home office allocations are covered in CAS (Cost Accounting Standards) 403 – Allocation of Home Office Expenses to Segments and why commercial enterprises with [...]

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Reducing Home Office Allocation Pain for Companies with Big Government Contracting Businesses

By Bernard Mustafa, PVBS Chief Executive Officer By using a compliant enterprise ERP solution designed to handle corporate and government contracting business, the efficiencies and possibilities are endless. When large commercial entities have significant Federal Government business operations, it seems like the tail is always wagging the dog. The government contracting division always has tougher [...]

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How to Get Unstuck on Manual…Cost Accounting Processes

By Paul Skurpski, PVBS Vice President of Sales & Marketing In my previous blog, I discussed why government contractors get stuck on manual...cost accounting processes. In this blog, we'll discuss how they can get out of that manual trap. There are two reasons why we see so many government contractors get stuck in the manual [...]

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PVBS Proud to be an Inaugural Member of the Microsoft GovCon Alliance

PVBS is excited to announce that we are an inaugural member of the Microsoft Microsoft GovCon Alliance which was announced today by Microsoft. The GovCon Alliance will bring together a cross-section of Microsoft partners with deep experience and understanding of the needs of government contractors. A large part of the announcement reflects how PVBS and [...]

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SAGlobal and PVBS to Take Microsoft Dynamics AX Government Contractor Solution to Market

SAG Global announced today that it has formed a partnership with PVBS to bring Microsoft Dynamics AX for Government Contractors to market. The complete press release can be found here. SAGlobal, the leading global provider of Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solutions and services to professional services organizations, is based in Seattle. "The government contractor market [...]

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Why Many Government Contractors are Stuck on Manual…Processes

By Paul Skurpski, PVBS Vice President of Sales & Marketing We come across many government contractors that are still doing many of their cost accounting functions manually. In some cases, it seems that they don’t know there's a higher risk associated with manual processes. In others, they feel that they’re stuck on manual and cannot [...]

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